Nux Vomica materia medica kent uses and benefits

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What is nux vomica

nux vomica

Nux vomica is a tree. Seeds are used for making medicines. In nux vomica, there are two lethal/hazardous components named strychnine and brucine

Nux vomica is a homeopathic remedy that fits perfectly with the spirit of today. It is used against complaints caused by excessive use of food, alcohol and drugs.

Nux vomica is also a remedy for everyday  complaints. Read everything you need to know about Nux that should not be missing in any homeopathic medicine cabinet.

When is Nux vomica used?

The homeopathic remedy Nux vomica is based on the seeds of crow berry plants. It is said to prove particularly useful in the treatment of sleep disorders caused by excitement, overworking lack of sleep or mental exertion.

Nux  should also have a good effect in the case of complaints from increased consumption of luxury foods (coffee, alcohol, nicotine) or after using pain medication.

In addition, it is said to be very effective for indigestion caused by overeating, eating or after heavily spiced, heavy dishes. It is taken against nausea, vomiting or painful abdominal cramps.

Many headaches, particularly typical “hangover” symptoms, are also said to respond very well to Nux vom.

 Nux vomica can also be very helpful for colds and other infections

How Does It Work

Nux vom contains strychnine and other chemicals that affect the brain and cause muscle spasms.

This can lead to seizures and death. Strychnine in very small doses can cause serious symptoms. With continuous use, low doses of strychnine accumulate in the body,

especially in people with liver disease. This can lead to death for several weeks. Strychnox toxicity can be demonstrated using laboratory tests.

Symptoms that indicate Nux vomica as a suitable for patients

  • Slight irritability, argument, anger, impatience
  • Hypersensitivity to light, smells and noises
  • Hypersensitivity to pain
  • revision
  • Insomnia caused by excitement
  • Awaken after a short sleep, you can only go back to sleep in the morning
  • Sensitivity to cold, it freezes easily
  • Nausea
  • Nausea without being able to vomit
  • Feeling of a stone lying in the stomach
  • Stomach pain that gets better with heat
  • Spasmodic stomach and intestinal complaints with nausea and unsuccessful urge to urinate and stool, especially one to two hours after eating
  • Constipation, especially when traveling
  • Susceptibility to colds, especially in wet and cold weather
  • Noticeable well-being before the onset of an illness
  • The symptoms improve: in the evening, at rest, through warmth and warm envelopes
  • The symptoms worsen: in the morning or after a long uninterrupted sleep, after mental exertion, with too heavy food, through alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and medication, through noise, in the fresh air

These symptoms can either be the actual signs of the disease or they can appear as simultaneous changes from the normal state. In any case, they indicate that Nux vomica can be a suitable homeopathic remedy for the sick.

Nux vomica for baby and childrens

In infants, it should often be possible to use Nux vomica successfully for colds, especially if the nose is blocked at night. Nux vom is also a commonly used remedy for crampy abdominal pain in infants.

For schoolchildren, Nux vom is a possible remedy for school difficulties, especially when the child is stressed, furious, irritable and quickly angry. Nux vom is also a possible remedy for children with hyperactivity problems.

Many colds and flu infections in children respond well to Nux vom.

Another area of application in puberty is menstrual pain in young girls. Especially if the menstruation is very irregular and is accompanied by fainting fits and severe abdominal pain (which can extend to the whole body), Nux vom should help.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding do not speak against Nux vom use.

Types and speciality of nux vomica

The typical Nux-vomica person is described as a robust, sturdy build or thin and lean type. He is ambitious, intelligent, quick-witted, capable and competent. At the same time, he is hasty, active, nervous and irritable. The Nux-vom type shows strong competitive behavior in almost all areas of life.

One can well imagine that a typical Nux-vomica type can break down through overwork, abuse of voice stimulants or after excessive and excessive lifestyle.

The Nux-vomica child is described as irritable and often suffers from indigestion or colic.

The extreme competitive behavior is evident in school and in sport. It is a bad loser and cannot admit mistakes. Nux-vomica children in particular are often very jealous of siblings. Many of these children have pronounced fears, especially fear in the dark.

Babies of the Nux-vomica type are irritable, impatient and hypersensitive to noise and light.

How is Nux vomica used?

Nux vomica is a single homeopathic remedy that is available as globules or as drops. Some manufacturers also make Nux vom tablets.

In acute diseases, Nux vom 6x is taken several times a day. The globules are allowed to melt under the tongue. In acute illnesses, one can start with half-hourly to hourly intake. If the improvement begins, the distances become larger. If the improvement continues, the intake is stopped.

Nux vomica 12x  is also suitable for the treatment of acute diseases. However, this potency should only be taken once or twice a day. The same applies to Nux vomica D30 and Nux vomica CH30.

Higher D-potencies (recognizable by a number of 200 and higher after the letter D), CH-potencies higher than Nux vom CH30 and homeopathic drops should only be used after a prescription by a homeopath. They are used for severe illnesses and chronic illnesses.

For psychological complaints, take three globules of Nux vom CH 30. The nux vom works best with this potency in the psychological area. After taking it, you have to wait at least one day to be able to assess the course. If necessary, the same Nux vom dosage can be repeated again.

Due to the typical worsening of symptoms in the morning, Nux vomica should not be used in the morning if possible.

Homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects, but if you experience any initial worsening, you should stop taking Nux vom. With self-medication, the symptoms should improve quickly.

Side effects

  • Dizziness
  • Liver failure
  • spasms of jaw and neck muscles
  • neck and back stiffness
  • restlessness
  • anxiety
  • convulsions
  • seizures breathing problems
stomach painColic-like stomach pain after eating with a feeling of fullness, heartburn or flatulence, often with nausea and nausea
Triggers are too fat and too much food, as well as little exercise and stress, excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption
3 globules of Nux vomica 6X up to six times a day or 3 globules of Nux vomica 12X twice a day
heartburnBitter and acid regurgitation one to two hours after eating too much, tobacco or alcohol
coffee worsens the state of health
3 globules of Nux vomica 6X up to six times a day or 3 globules of Nux vomica 12X twice a day
Nausea and vomitingWith frequent belching and gagging sensations without being able to vomit
Often after eating too heavily,  alcohol or smoking.
3 globules of Nux vomica 6X up to six times a day or 3 globules of Nux vomica 12X twice a day
FlatulenceAfter overeating, often in connection with a lot of alcohol3 globules of Nux vomica 6X up to six times a day or 3 globules of Nux vomica 12X twice a day
LumbagoThe back pain is mainly localized in the lumbar region
the cause is often stress or overworktearing pain or very painful tension, which is improved by warmth and rest
3 globules of Nux vomica 6X up to six times a day or 3 globules of Nux vomica 12X twice a day
hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids are mostly on the inside and itchy, often in connection with cramp-like symptoms and constipationTriggers are sedentary activity and excessive alcohol, nicotine or coffee consumptionTake Nux vomica 12X once a day for one week in the evening
constipationpasmodic, futile urge to stool
After a bowel movement, often with the feeling of not being finishedTriggers are sedentary activity, spoiled food, excessive tobacco, alcohol or nicotine consumption
Take Nux vomica 12X once a day for one week in the evening
Male cat After too much alcohol and too much food with feeling of fullness and nausea3 globules of Nux vomica 6X up to six times a day or 3 globules of Nux vomica 12X twice a day
Menstrual disorders Painful period that comes too early and lasts too longWorsening in the morning, due to mental exertion, after eating, being touched, by spices, by alcohol, by dry weather, as well as by coldPainful menstruation in young girls with fainting spellsAfter the period, 3 globules of Nux vomica 30CH per day for 3 days
headacheHeadache with nausea and nausea, even after too much nicotine or alcohol consumption or in hangoverTension headache in the morning after getting up, which starts from the neck or pulls into the back of the head3 globules of Nux vomica 6X up to six times a day or 3 globules of Nux vomica 12X twice a day

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